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History The Neat-Feet Story

Necessity is the mother of invention, and people have been trying to get dirt and mud off of shoes and boots for decades. Learn more about how we solved this age-old problem below.

Boot Scraper

"Boot Scrapers" came first...these were often heavy cast iron pieces that served to "scrape" a layer of mud off of a shoe or boot, but they did little to remove embedded mud and dirt form the cracks, crevices and lugs of shoes and boots.


Ingenious types sometimes cobble together pieces of ordinary street brooms into various configurations...and some of these worked quite a bit better than scrapers. However, these brooms and brushes were (and quite often still are) made of wood. Wood rots, so there was still an inherent weakness in the designs.

Butt Joint

Neat-Feet™ was conceived in the Pacific Northwest, an area known for rain and all that comes with it. At first, it was made of white plastic, selling well, but cosmetically quite basic. Later, green plastic was available and the product sold even better in the new deep green color. But there was still a basic flaw in the product, it was constructed with the weakest joinery that exists; the "butt joint".

Current Neat-Feet

A chance meeting with a one-time automotive designer changed all that. With a little help from some CAD design software, and a very early version of a 3-D printer… the current version of Neat-Feet™ was born.

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